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Spanish startup wants to send tourists to space for $132,000, cheapest in the market

It includes tourist's favorite meal while onboard
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A Spanish startup, Zero 2 Infinity, plans to send tourists to the edge of space using a helium balloon.

The company has been working on the idea since 2009 and plans to open tickets sales to the public with a price tag of $132,000.

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While other companies are charging more than $250,000, making Zero 2 Infinity the cheapest alternative to allow civilian to travel to space.

The entire journey would take up 6 hours and achieve a height of approximately 39,600 meter (130,000 feet) above ground.

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Prototype tests have been carried out in 2012 & 2017, where the company successfully sent humanoid and let it float up into the orbit.

The company will provide 2 days safety training to the tourists and includes their favorite meal while onboard.

Jose Mariano Lopez-Urdiales, the CEO of Zero 2 Infinity mentioned: “We have the capsule, the permits, the insurance, the stratoport. What is missing is a purely question of financing”.

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Jose Mariano Lopez-Urdiales, CEO of Zero 2 Infinity
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