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Woman from China buys expensive iPhone; gets a box of Apple juice delivered instead

Woman China box Apple Juice iPhone

A woman from East China drew lots of attention online after she received a box of Apple juice instead of an iPhone she purchased.

Liu, as she’s called, shared a Weibo video that went viral on Friday sharing her deep disappointment.

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In the video, she said that she spent 10,099 yuan ($1,563) to buy an iPhone 12 Pro Max (256G) on Apple’s official website on February 16th, but instead ended up receiving a package with a box of an Apple-flavoured yogurt drink 2-days later.

Liu has subsequently reported the incident to the police, who have concluded the case was one of “theft” after conducting an investigation.

Both Apple and the courier company (Express Mail Service) have also launched investigations into the matter.

Woman from China buys expensive iPhone; gets a box of Apple juice delivered instead 31
The parcel Liu received

Police believe that the individual working at the courier company swapped the product prior to delivery.

This incident isn’t one that is unique to Liu either. Other Weibo users have also complained stating that items they purchased were swapped with something entirely different.

“I think it might be courier company employees who replaced the iPhone,” wrote a Weibo user who added that he had a similar experience a few days earlier – he received an empty shoe box after buying a pair of limited-edition Nike shoes from the official website.

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