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Way to avoid expensive toll charges when using RFID

PLUS users may be charged higher charges if they entered and exited a closed-highway system using two different payment methods.
Way to avoid expensive toll charges when using RFID 31

While using RFID, a TikTok user reported receiving a shock after being charged the maximum toll rate. The user was charged RM37.47 for toll instead of a few ringgit.

The individual appeared to have used two distinct payment methods to access and exit a closed highway system.


#RFID #tng #toll #plus #penalty #productdisclosure #consumerright are u a touch and go RFID user or thinking of buying one? when I purchased the RFID tag, there’s no information available at that time that u can only enter and exit using the same method ie. RFID all the way or risk getting penalised for max toll fee that toll operator can charge u. I even read the small print and FAQ which say no issue to hv both smart tag and RFID. Why was it not disclose earlier like on the product packaging?

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The uploader argues that the fact that users can only enter and exit the toll using the same method was never revealed. As a result, combining SmartTAG and RFID for toll payments will result in a penalty.

As shown in the video, the RM37.47 transaction was conducted for an entry at Kota Damansara Toll Plaza and users who have been charged must seek a refund from Touch ‘n Go’s website within 30 days. The TikTok video currently has over 129,000 views, 793 shares, and 249 comments.

Way to avoid expensive toll charges when using RFID 32

On the 15th of January, PLUS enabled RFID payments on the North-South Expressway, emphasising that users should use the same payment lane to enter and exit.

This means that if user enters using RFID, user should exit with RFID as well.

Users should not enter through Touch ‘n Go or SmartTAG and then exit using RFID, according to their infographic. SmartTAG users should also avoid using the RFID lane because RFID is solely for RFID-tagged vehicles.

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