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“Want to kena whack ah?”; Malaysian man refuses to wear a mask; picks fight in public

The incident was captured in a 29-second video that has gone viral on social media.
Kena whack Malaysian nasi lemak

Police are currently investigating a Malaysian man who threatened to beat up another man after he was pointed out for not wearing a mask.

The incident, which took place at an outdoor (nasi lemak) food stall in Malaysia, was recorded in a 29-second video that has since gone viral on social media.

In the video, the suspect can be seen launching into a full-on verbal assault towards another customer, who appears to be a younger Malaysian Chinese man.

“What you want to do? Call police ah? Call lah fk-er. Need me to buy you credit ah?”, he yells at the other customer.

The customer at the receiving end simply muttered “it’s okay….”.

The man continued to aggravate the situation, saying: “it’s okay? then f-off! F-er you want to kena this morning? Sunday morning you want to kena whack ah?”.

The food stall sellers (a lady and her daughter), quickly intervened and separated the 2 men before the situation could escalate further.

While both the sellers and the young man were masked up, the situation still made it difficult for them to physically distance themselves.

The man, identified as Shyamalan Jaganathan, could face up to 2 years of prison time or a fine (or both) for his inconsiderate and obnoxious behaviour.

The rest of Malaysians can only hope that this situation does not further endanger the public.

Jia Suriyanto
Indonesian Journalist at News Asia Today. I cover the latest news and stories on Indonesia, particularly on business.