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US exposed for financing Hong Kong protests.

Earlier this week, China announced the National Security Law for Hong Kong.
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The United States has been exposed for funding the protest movements that took place in Hong Kong last year, according to a report by TIME.

As much as US $2 million was poured for the protest movement in Hong Kong via a seemingly unknown (but powerful) organization, the US Global Media Agency.

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The agency, which also happens to be an ally of Trump, oversees funding for various news and information operations around the world, such as Voice of America and Radio Free Asia.

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According to TIME, the agency was responsible for using the funds to support pro-democracy movements in Hong Kong, as well as to provide protesters with “secure communication apps” to aid with their activities.

The funding has seemingly been frozen as part of an organizational restructuring as of late, which led to its discovery of its activities.

Earlier this week, China announced the National Security Law for Hong Kong, a legal framework to prevent and punish subversion, separatism, and foreign interference.

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