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“It feels so real”; Unreal Engine 5 will make the virtual world feel like reality.

The line between reality and simulation is blurring.
Unreal Engine 5 News Asia Today

The line between reality and simulation is about to blur with the new release of Unreal Engine 5 by Epic Games.

This comes 8 years after the release of Unreal Engine 4, which has played a major role in the realistic games produced today.

The new release, which was demoed on a Play Station 5, will allow game developers to create photorealistic (life-like) virtual worlds on computers and consoles in the future.

The big evolution appears to be “dynamic rendering”, where complex objects with millions of polygons can easily be created and deployed into games effortlessly.

With the rise of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), it appears that Unreal Engine 5’s new technology could revolutionize the digital world that people immerse themselves with in the coming years.

Wilfred Tan
Former journalist cum editor. I lead the content creation process at News Asia Today. From the awesome country of Malaysia.