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Philanthropist Uncle Kentang offering Free Kitchen Studio for business owners

Any form of help is crucial for business owners during trying times
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Uncle Kentang, also known as Kuan Chee Heng, warmed up the hearts of Malaysians yet again by serving small business owners with a free kitchen studio.

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Uncle Kentang’s Facebook

“The kitchen studio would serve as platform for business owners to promote their food items. We would help people in need by offering them an opportunity to promote their products. We would provide a free camera and photography crew as well.” as translated from Uncle Kentang’s Facebook post.

In the Facebook post, he has also encouraged other citizens to contribute to this cause as well as he would want everyone to help one another.

Whoever is interested in utilizing the free kitchen studio as a promotional platform, it can be discussed by contacting En Azim via the contact number +6018-3205394.

Philanthropy is not Uncle Kentang’s first rodeo as one of his first initiative is the ’10 Sen Pasar’, known as 10 cents market.

This is also how the nickname ‘Uncle Kentang’ originated from where people would call out the term ‘Kentang Sudah Mari’ which translates to the potatoes have arrived.

To participate in philathropy just like Uncle Kentang, check out where you can help flood victims in Malaysia here.

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