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Philippines to have its first typhoon-proof wind turbine with the help of a Japanese startup

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A Japanese startup, Challenergy plans to install its first typhoon-proof turbine in the Philippines starting next year, according to a report.

Challenergy is a Tokyo-based wind power startup founded in 2014 by Atsushi Shimizu.

The company is backed by several corporate investors.

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Founder & CEO, Atsushi Shimizu

Philippines often faces challenges in power supply due to its remote islands terrain and frequently hit by typhoons.

While conventional propeller-based wind turbines are effective, they could be dangerous in the event of a storm

Challenergy’s Magnus VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine) aims to solve this problem under extreme climate conditions, such as typhoons.

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The first model will be built in the Philippines in the upcoming months and subsidized by Japan’s environment ministry.

The startup aims to sell up to 100 units of its new turbine next year and hopes to secure enough revenue for expansion of its business to more countries.

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