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How to keep your Bluetooth devices safe from hackers

The number of Bluetooth devices we have are rising daily
How to keep your Bluetooth devices safe from hackers 31

Even if it’s just listening to music, many of us now have a rising number of devices that interact with one another over Bluetooth.

This increases the chance of being hacked as this wireless communication technology is particularly vulnerable.

Here are some tips to prevent your Bluetooth from getting hacked:

  1. Switch off Bluetooth

When your connected devices are not in use, the golden rule is to always turn off Bluetooth.

Because Bluetooth consumes a lot of power, this is not just a matter of security, but also of power conservation and battery life.

Any time a gadget is turned on, it is vulnerable to being hacked by anyone, particularly at night and even more so in public settings.

2. Watch out for unknowns

Accepting suspect pairing requests should be avoided, and pairing should be limited to new purchases and products held by people you trust, such as during a party or dinner with friends.

Avoid pairing gadgets in public settings.

3. Remember to remove

If the pairing is only temporary, remember to remove the device from your list of linked devices at the end.

If a connected device is lost or stolen, it should also be disconnected from your other devices.

In any event, you should periodically check the list of recognised devices in your Bluetooth settings to ensure there is no unauthorised devices connected.

4. Keep up to date with updates

To keep things running well, upgrades are required for anything from device firmware to standalone programmes. The majority of them fix security bugs, be it big or little.

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