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The Philippines plans to boost Indonesian visits

Last year, 70,819 Indonesians visited the Philippines, lower than 76,000 booked in 2018.
The Philippines plans to boost Indonesian visits 31

As part of the Philippines’ efforts to increase its foreign tourist arrivals this year, the country aims to welcome more Indonesian tourists.

According to the Philippines’ Department of Tourism, the number of Indonesian tourists visiting the Philippines remains relatively low compared to that of other countries such as China, South Korea, and other ASEAN countries.

To introduce the Philippines to Indonesians, the Department of Tourism and travel agents will participate in Indonesian travel fairs.

The Philippines plans to boost Indonesian visits 32
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The government is working with airline operators to explore better promotional deals and partnering with online travel agents and travel agent consortiums to come up with affordable vacation packages.

“The reasons why we are promoting in Indonesia are because of its general population and there are a lot of similarities between the two countries. Statistics show that a lot of Indonesians visiting the Philippines are travelling for the first time [abroad],” Carla Zaldiva, the Philippines Department of Tourism’s market development head for Indonesia, said.

Ummi Lulu
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