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Tesla’s Shanghai factory expects to produce 300,000+ cars in the next 9 months

Tesla Shanghai Factory

Demand for Tesla’s electric cars are rising tremendously, and the company is doubling down on it’s efforts in China to ramp up production.

According to a report by Reuters earlier today, Tesla’s Shanghai factory is expected to produce over 300,000 cars within the first 9-months of 2022.

The company expects to deliver these cars by the end of the July – September quarter, if everything goes according to plan.

While most of the cars produced in the factory will cater to China’s local market, a portion of them will also be sold to Germany and Japan.

With demand for Tesla’s vehicles rising in the US and other parts of the world, the company is looking to transform the Shanghai factory into a major automobile export center.

Ummi Lulu
Journalist at News Asia Today. From Indonesia. I write about life, tech, and business related topics happening in Asia.