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Meet the 3 must-visit beaches around the world.

Meet the 3 must-visit beaches around the world. 25

The majority of the Earth is covered by water and boasts several beautiful beaches that most people would like to visit at least once in their lifetime.

Feeling the sea breeze and hearing the sound of soothing waves are tantamount to escaping from the stressful busy life that most of people engage with on a daily basis.

Many would wish that they are walking or running barefoot on the sand whilst appreciating the moment and immersing themselves in the wonders of nature. Not forgetting that many youngsters would wish they are building sand castles, playing beach volleyball or any other beach activity right at this moment.

During the summer seasons, hoards of people visit beaches and some are so in love with beaches that they tend to build or buy properties at the beachfront just to enjoy the calming scenery. Indeed, a lot of people have been captivated by beautiful beaches the world over and below is a list of our top 3 world’s most beautiful beaches in the world:

Boracay Island of Aklan, Philippines

Meet the 3 must-visit beaches around the world. 26

‘Calm, warm waters and gently sloping sand. Very relaxing. Possibly the most beautiful beach in Asia,” quoted by TripAdvisor’s 2019 Travelers’ Choice Awards while describing one of the world’s wonders and pride of the Philippine’s, Boracay Island. It’s a tourists’ heaven maintaining 1 -2 million locals and foreign visitors per year.

The pure white sand island is located in Aklan, a small province in the Philippines and is the main source of income of the province, generating roughly Php 50 billion a year.

Meet the 3 must-visit beaches around the world. 27

The scenery is engaging and offers unlimited possibilities for activities such as swimming to your hearts content in the crystal clear waters, engaging in water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, banana boat riding, rafting, and whatever other activity to you desire.

Moreover, when visiting the island, it’s a must to try out some local and foreign delicacies that will surely quench thirst and satiate hunger after strenuous beach activities activities. It’s also a necessity to bring extra money and plan a budget to avail for hotel accommodations and explore the island thoroughly.

Meeru Island of North Atoll, Maldives

Meet the 3 must-visit beaches around the world. 28

Situated in easternmost tip of North Malé Atoll (Kaafu Atoll) in the Maldives, the Meeru Island or also known as Meerufenfushi, is also another island famous for white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and turquoise lagoons.

Visiting the island leads to a very relaxing and sensational escape from the manic lifestyle of city life.

Meet the 3 must-visit beaches around the world. 29

Meeru also features remarkable water bungalows that cater to most of its foreign and local visitors with accommodations that are both relaxing and engaging. Moreover, there’s only one resort in the island, which is called Meeru Resort even though there are lots of choices for food and beverages such as restaurants, bars, cafe’s and coffee shops.

Whitehaven Beach of Queensland, Australia

Meet the 3 must-visit beaches around the world. 30

True to it’s name, Whitehaven is a beautiful beach situated in Queensland, Australia and just like the other featured beaches in this article also has crystal blue to green waters and very fine white sand consisting of white silica that creates its alluring color.

It is not as accessible as the other featured beaches and Whitehaven is rarely visited by tourists because of its remote location. Overcrowding in the beach is a rare occurrence and this helps preserves the tranquility and natural beauty of the beach.

Meet the 3 must-visit beaches around the world. 31
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