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Stereophonics holds 5000+ people concert in UK despite calls to cancel it.

Stereophonics chose to carry on with their concert despite requests for cancellations.
Stereophonics Concert UK News Asia Today

Over 5000 people showed up on the nights of 15th March for a large rock band concert in the UK, according to Shanghaiist.

The Welsh rock band, named Stereophonics, carried on with their concert despite calls for cancellations due to the worsening health situation in the UK.

Stereophonics 5000 Concert News Asia Today

The band even shared on Twitter photos and videos from the concert, which was overflowing with people.

The clip made its way to Chinese social media where netizens from China were stunned, confused, and upset at how lightly these people have taken the situation.

“They are all very brave.”

“I have no words, I wish them well.”

“The UK is going to catch up to Italy in no time.”

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