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Starbucks Indonesia introduces Betawi cuisine

The menu is only available in one branch in Central Jakarta.
Starbucks Indonesia introduces Betawi cuisine 31

The Betawi-inspired menu consists of Betawi latte, gambang cake, sarangsemut cheesecake and selendang mayang pudding.

The launch of the new menu is in conjunction with the opening of the Starbucks Community Store at Ruko Tanah Abang Blok B in Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta.

Betawi latte comes from the traditional Betawi drink of bir pletok, herbs and spices-based beverages. 

Starbucks Indonesia introduces Betawi cuisine 32
Photo credit: Google

Meanwhile, the sarang semut cheesecake, inspired by ants’ nest cake, also known as honeycomb cake, has a dark caramel flavor and a layer of cream cheese.

The new menu also includes selendang mayang pudding which usually involves ice, palm sugar, coconut milk and rice flour cake.

Ummi Lulu
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