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South Korea’s ‘Parasite’ wins Oscar for best picture

'Parasite' won a total of four Oscars.
South Korea’s ‘Parasite’ wins Oscar for best picture 31

‘Parasite’ makes history as the first non-English speaking film to win the movie industry’s highest honor.

The movie won a total of four Oscars, including best director and screenplay for Bong Joon-ho and best international feature.

‘Parasite’ also won Best Foreign Language Film at the 77th Golden Globe Awards, with Bong also receiving nominations for Best Director and Best Screenplay for his work.

The film is about rich and poor, a universal theme which has made it possible for this South Korean story to resonate with audiences around the world.

South Korea’s ‘Parasite’ wins Oscar for best picture 32
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Among the cast of Parasite is Choi Woo-shik with his role as Ki-woo, the son of the Kim family. He’s ambitious and driven with big aspirations, but has a scrappy approach to pursuing them.

Park So-dam roles as Ki-jung, the daughter of the Kim family. She’s a cool girl with a raw artistic talent that plays into her family’s benefit.

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