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Stuck at home, Malaysians are using this “surprise call” service to dedicate songs to loved ones

Simply choose a song and Song Bar will surprise the person its sent to.
Song Bar Beepmix

With the pandemic forcing many to stay home, this surprise call service has quickly grown in popularity among Malaysians as a way to spread joy with their their love ones.

Also known as Song Bar, the online service lets anyone “dedicate surprise songs” to their loved ones over the phone in an extremely unique and memorable fashion.

A Surprise Call with a Love Song

How it works is simple — Senders simply choose a song by placing an order on the website, and Song Bar’s musicians will call the recipient up and serenade them with a song live over the phone.

Senders can also choose to include a personalized message along with the call, which will be shared just before the musician plays the song.

Song Bar was founded during the lock-downs

According to founder Rui Ong, Song Bar was founded due to struggles in finding a birthday gift for her friends during the height of Malaysia’s lock-downs.

That’s when the idea struck — Instead of sending her friends a physical gift, why not send them a surprise call instead? Not only will that be a very unique gift, it would also be very memorable.

True enough, her idea resonated with many, and quickly evolved into something that cheered many Malaysians up during the lock-downs.

Spreading Love Everywhere

Moving forward, Rui plans to transform Song Bar into a platform for musicians to contribute their talent to bring joy to others all over the world.

At present, Song Bar is equipped with more than 100 songs in English, Mandarin, Malay and even Cantonese languages to choose from, and is open for song recommendation from their followers.

Song Bar is also holding a special promotion, with a 33% discount on surprise song calls.

Interested individuals can easily place an order via their official site here, or visit their Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok pages to view past song dedications.

Jia Suriyanto
Indonesian Journalist at News Asia Today. I cover the latest news and stories on Indonesia, particularly on business.