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Snapchat Launches New AR Experience Ramadan Edition

A number of Ramadan-themed enhancements have been released, including Ramadan Bitmoji, Geofilters, and festive AR lenses for its users
Snapchat Launches New AR Experience Ramadan Edition 31

Snap Inc. stated that users can select lenses such as a basic Ramadan greeting, a countdown to the month, or sending iftar greetings to their loved ones.

They can also use the new Snapchat Bitmojis, which contain new Ramadan themes and regional greetings, to spice things up with their family and friends.

Finally, users can send stickers to their Muslim friends and family or use them to decorate their iftar photos.

Wish everyone Happy Ramadhan with Ramadhan Lenses!

With new Snapchat Lenses, you can celebrate the start of Ramadan and wish your loved ones. You can send a basic Ramadan greeting, a countdown to the holy month, or even an Iftar greeting to your friends and family using the lenses available.

Send Bitmojis to Spice Up your greetings

Snapchatters can now send greetings to their friends and family using their favourite Bitmojis, which now include new Ramadan themes and regional greetings.

How to active the lenses?

Snapcode can be used to activate the lenses by accessing Snapchat and pointing the camera at a Snapcode.

After that, scan the Snapcode on the screen by pressing and holding it.

Users can download Bitmoji on iOS and Android and flip between the ‘Avatar’ and ‘Fashion’ icons at the bottom of the screen to build or access their own 3D Bitmoji.

After that, tap the Gear icon, scroll down to ‘Link to Snapchat’, then tap ‘Continue’ to link your account.

Users can view their 3D Bitmoji and alter its stance and background by tapping the Bitmoji symbol on Snapchat.

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