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Sheila Sim opens up about her pregnancy struggles

Revealed Pregnancy Health Condition of Sheila Sim

Local Singaporean actress Sheila Sim has announced that she is pregnant and opens up about the challenges she faced trying to conceive. Sheila Sim, 35 years old married to banker Deon Woo announced her pregnancy on Instagram on April 27th.

In the post, she wrote: “We have been hiding a secret. After completing two years of marriage with my confidante, my best friend, my soulmate, my partner-in-crime, our hearts are filled with love and happiness to partake that our family is growing!” 


Still, the road to conception wasn’t easy as Sheila unveiled. A health condition she suffered, crippled the couple’s attempts to have a baby. Thoroughly exasperated, she finally consulted the fertility doctors, and the test revealed that she had a lot of fibroids in her womb. She underwent surgery last September to get the fibroids removed.

She shared on instagram that “ before we went to the doctor, we didn’t know that was the reason we weren’t getting pregnant. I am always quite positive to the circumstances and believe that everything would happen in God’s time, though at some point, I told my husband, “if we really can’t conceive naturally, then so be it”.”

Finally, the good news came within five months of the operation, and Sheila thanked her television partner Diana Ser for her advice. 

sheila-sim pregnancy

Sheila shared: “I was 34 and she said that if you are looking to get pregnant, get the checkup done first and clear all the questions out of the way”. That’s what I have done as per her advice. I’m thankful for all the Angels and their pro tips. The woman society was so energetic, powerful and vital. It’s very crucial to know your preference and to stay happy.

Sheila came to know about the good news on their second anniversary, and she revealed the surprise to her husband by presenting a card that they usually do on every special occasion. The card has a pregnancy test kit in it. 

On seeing this, Deon was in shock for about five minutes. He couldn’t even talk for a while for happiness. Sheila said: “I think he always wanted a baby more than me, coz his twin brother was the father by the time we got married”.

On seeing this, Deon was in shock for about five minutes. He couldn’t even talk for a while out of sheer joy and happiness. Sheila said: “I think he’s always wanted a baby more than me, because his twin brother was already a father by the time we got married”.

She has been keeping herself safe at home in her pregnancy period with the current health fears as she also shared: “At first, I felt bit of anxiety and fear as it’s not just me now. If I get a virus, I know how to deal with it, but I don’t know what will happen to the baby inside me”.

Sheila-Sim pregnancy

The model turned actress is taking extra precautions by cleaning, sanitising and washing her hands thoroughly at all times to keep her baby safe. Sheila remains in good health and has no symptoms of insomnia and backaches. She also has no morning sickness or particular cravings. It comes as a big surprise for her husband as she a kind of person who always has cravings every day.

She also added: He was waiting to have to travel far away at midnight to get something I explicitly wanted, But this has not happened despite his expectation

Pregnancy is made much more comfortable for Sheila as most of her friends have been through a pregnancy, and they have been passing on their wisdom to the soon to be mother.

She said: “I really don’t know what I would do without all this advice. In my group of friends, the one who got pregnant first had to get all the information from Facebook Forums. I am so lucky because I don’t have to do that, and i was given plenty of confinement nanny numbers”.


The baby is expected to be due at the end of September or early October. Sheila has also decided that she won’t be taking on any future acting jobs for now aside from finishing the second season of local dialect drama Ho Seh Bo.

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