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Sensational Facts of Korean Superstar actor Lee Min Ho’s life Revealed

Korean Drama Hero Lee Min Ho Real Life Facts
Sensational Facts of Korean Superstar actor Lee Min Ho's life Revealed 31

The latest comeback Korean drama starring famous actor Lee Min Ho has premiered on Netflix after the completion of his military service. Titled “The King: Eternal Monarch”, it has gained a strong following amongst Netflix audience members.
When he was 19 years old, he faced a dreadful accident in the year 2006.

It is now revealed to us that when Min Ho was 19 years old, he was involved in a terrible accident in the year 2006. Min Ho was out with some of his friends which included fellow co star Jung Woo when their car crashed in a head on collision.

They both suffered grievous injuries as a result of the accident with Lee Min Ho in a coma. He eventually recovered however due to the extent of his injuries, he had to spend almost an entire year in hospital.

Some of the procedures he had to endure included having a 46 cm metal plate inserted into his thigh for three years. After his recovery, Lee Min Ho was once again involved in second card accident in 2011 in which his car had a collision with a truck. He did however manage to escape with only minor injuries as the front of his car absorbed most of the impact.

Later on in the year 2011, he was into another car accident in which he is out of it with some minor injuries where only the front part of the car is being crushed by a truck. He recommenced work right after the second accident and many were already saying he was lucky and managed to escape death twice in his life.

The injuries he suffered from the accidents severely dampened his chances to qualify as a soldier as he had trouble passing the physical examination.

He was rather upset at his failure of not being able to start his national service and instead sought public service opportunities and started to work at Suseo Social Welfare Centre, Seoul as a public service worker. During his tenure as a public servant he underwent a four week basic military training. He succeeded in his endeavor and was accepted into military service as a result.

Lee Min ho Korean drama hero

From the heartwarming support he received from the public, Lee Min Ho was inspired to support them in return and hence he started a fund-raising platform called PROMIZE in 2014. PROMIZE works towards increasing awareness and encouraging donations for human charity and social causes.

The name PROMIZE actually stems from a combination of the word promise and the official name of his fan club the MINOZ. The organisation has been working with the World Wide Fund(WWF) and also with The United Nation’s Children Fund(UNICEF). It has successfully secured funds for malnourished children, protecting threatening wildlife species and even the construction of wells in Malawi.

It has received the ‘Sharing Happiness Award’ from the Minister of Health and Welfare in 2016, The organisation has also donated to Nepal’s earthquake relief fund, raising a total of $120,000 under the name of his fan club to UNICEF.

When Lee Min Ho was young, his mother had plans for him to succeed as a football player. He was sent to train under the legendary Cha Bum Kum to hone his skills and tactical knowledge of the beautiful game. He trained for four years before his dreams of going professional were dashed when he broke his leg in a football match.

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