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Saudi Arabia has its first dog cafe

Young men and women gather at the cafe with dogs of all sizes.
Saudi Arabia has its first dog cafe 31

The first of it’s kind dog cafe opens its business within Saudi Arabia, a conservative kingdom where majority of the population are Muslims.

In Islam, dogs are considered unclean animals and are generally banned from public places in Saudi Arabia. The country’s once-notorious religious police used to ban the walking of pets.

Saudi Arabia has its first dog cafe 32

The Barking Lot, which opened its business in June in the coastal city of Khobar, has delighted animal lovers in a country where there are but few places to take pets outside the home.

The Barking Lot’s owner, Dalal Ahmed who originates from Kuwait, said she got the idea during a previous visit to the kingdom.

“I came to Saudi Arabia for a visit with my dog, but wasn’t allowed to walk on the beach with him,” I was very sad and decided to help by opening a coffee shop for people who have dogs — and even for those who do not.”

said Dalal Ahmed

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