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Samsung TVs get smarter with NFT marketplace in 2022

NFT marketplace is integrated into Samsung's 2022 Smart TV models

NFT marketplace is integrated into Samsung’s 2022 Smart TV models

During the ​​Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, Samsung announced further upgrades to its Smart TV models in 2022.

One key addition was the built-in NFT marketplace in its Neo QLED, Micro LED and The Frame Smart TVs.

The integrated NFT marketplace allows purchasing, trading, browsing and showcasing of NFTs on the Samsung TV displays.

Samsung also announced that the platform will also educate users on blockchain metadata and the history of an NFT.

Samsung further mentioned that the display of NFTs will stay true to its original quality through smart calibration.

This will provide artists with the option to create presets for how their NFTs would be displayed.

Moreover, users will have the option to upload already owned NFTs onto their Samsung TVs.

Displaying NFTs with the same ease as a physical artwork has been an issue for many, including museums to individual owners alike.

Samsung Smart TVs have become a trailblazer by improving the user experience of displaying NFTs digitally.