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80% of retail stores don’t know their customers; this membership tool brings them back regularly

Easily create membership programs with cashback rewards for customer loyalty.
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Beepmix, a company providing membership solutions for retail outlets, is on a mission to help offline businesses turn their walk-in customers into loyal returning members.

Despite lock-downs being lifted and people going out once again, one problem still remains — many retail stores are unable to keep their customers coming back regularly.

And the reason to this is because most of these stores do not know who their customers are, have no way of contacting to them, and hardly run any form of loyalty programs to bring them back.

And as a result, customers only visit once, and these stores end up spending huge sums of money on paid advertising to get new customers.

This membership tool changes everything.

To solve this problem, Beepmix came up with a unique membership solution — where store customers simply scan a QR code, make payments, and automatically become a member — allowing them to receive special benefits such as cashback, bill discounts, and reward points.

Merchants on the other hand, will be able to get paid with much lower gateway fees (as low as 0.9% per transaction), and also capture the contact information of their members.

The best part is, everything happens automatically and customers are not required to download any apps for this to work — making it accessible to everyone.

80% of retail stores don't know their customers; this membership tool brings them back regularly 31
Beepmix automatically turns customers into members after they pay.

A free online store is also included

To further support retail outlets with their online presence, Beepmix’s membership solution also comes bundled with a complimentary branded online store for local deliveries.

The idea behind this is to allow retailers to take their business presence online, all while allowing their customers to receive members-only benefits too.

On top of that, Beepmix provides tools to that lets merchants easily convert their online customers into offline store visitors too.

80% of retail stores don't know their customers; this membership tool brings them back regularly 32
Beepmix comes with an online store for retailers to manage online ordering and deliveries.

Higher retention and increased spending

Using Beepmix’s membership solution, retail stores have experienced repeat visits of up to 3X higher and an increase in average customer spend of up to 28% higher.

A large part of this can be attributed to automatic reminders, where WhatsApp notifications are sent out periodically to members reminding them to use up their discounts and leftover cashback at retail outlets (and their online stores).

Beepmix’s solution costs just $8/month, with merchants eligible to receive gateway fees as low as 0.9% per transaction (1.9% if loyalty programs are turned off).

Interested retail stores can find out more via the official website here.

Ummi Lulu
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