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Lighten up Raya celebration with ‘The Freestyle’ projector

The small and portable device packs a punch and would be a great addition to any Raya gathering
Lighten up Raya celebration with 'The Freestyle' projector 31

SYAWAL is the time of year when families get together to celebrate the well-earned month of abstinence.

Samsung has come up with several ways to lighten up the experience with The Freestyle, since it is a time to rekindle with their loved ones.


The 830g portable projector would be an excellent entertainer for people who are travelling to gathering with large families.

It’s small enough to pack with ‘baju raya’, so they won’t have to worry about luggage space.


Users can link The Freestyle to their mobile devices and use the Samsung Smart TV’s User Interface.

Alternatively, people can project the recipe onto their kitchen wall or other flat surfaces while cooking.

The Freestyle also spins up to 180 degrees and can be turned on or off using only the user’s voice.


Binge-watch movies with your family on Raya night with The Freestyle, which can change the volume, focus, and keystone automatically for a hassle-free setup.

The Freestyle also offers lighting effects, artwork, and other projections that can be projected on the wall, blinds, and curtains to add some spice.

It also comes with a built-in smart speaker that analyses music to connect visual effects for a truly immersive Raya experience.

Lighten up Raya celebration with 'The Freestyle' projector 32


When go to an open house, bring The Freestyle along.

It has an ambient mode that allows you to customize mood lighting effects and can also be used as a speaker with your favorite Raya music if it isn’t being used as a projector.

It also comes with robust Bluetooth connectivity and a 360-sound speaker for a really immersive experience.

The Freestyle comes in Blossom Pink, Forest Green, and Coyote Beige.

Those who purchase chosen Neo QLED Smart TV models from the ‘Impian Raya Bersama’ campaign will receive a free The Freestyle.

Users can learn more about Samsung’s ‘Impian Raya Bersama’ campaign by visiting http://www.samsung.com/my/2022impianrayabersama/

Nur Haliza Roslan
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