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Protestor steals an iMac; gets robbed by another protestor.

That escalated very quickly.
Loot iMac News Asia Today

A new viral video has surfaced on the internet in what appears to be a protestor walking away with a brand new iMac that he stole.

The crowd, filming the individual, were staring in disbelief, yelling “oh sh*t, oh sh*t!”.

Things turn badly however, when another group of protestors attempt to rob the first protestor of his newly looted item.

They begin shoving and punching the individual, forcing him to drop the iMac to defend himself.

However in a surprising turn of events, another bystander sneakily grabs the iMac and runs away with it.

As funny as the whole incident might have been, the protests have brought out the worst in people, with many seeking to capitalize on the situation for personal gain.

Alfred Lee
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