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After India banned PUBG, a new clone: PABJE, has emerged.

PABJE : Player And BattleJung Ends
PABJE PUBG clone News Asia Today

Popular smartphone game, PUBG Mobile, was recently banned in India. However that didn’t stop imitators from creating imitations of the game.

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Dipak Kattikar, a game developer from India, has recently launched PABJE, a PUBG Mobile clone that’s picking up steam in the country.

One of the in-game images PABJE News Asia Today
One of the in-game images in PABJE.

What caught netizens’ attention is the “realistic graphics” image being advertised on the PlayStore as one of the description images.

While PABJE adopts similar characteristics as PUBG Mobile, its gameplay and graphics quality comes nowhere close to its predecessor. Players even rated the game an average 2.2 stars out of 5 and gave snarky reviews on the PlayStore.

PABJE Reviews on PlayStore News Asia Today
Some of the reviews on the Play Store

Since it’s launch, PABJE has garnered a few hundred thousand downloads, an impressive feat for the game developer.

Despite a 2.2 stars average rating, users were urged not to be influenced by the reviews on the PlayStore.

“Please Don’t See Bad Comment Because The Many Users played 57 version of game but 77 game version is fixed bugs please Play And Support me please.” Quoted by the developer on the Play Store.

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