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Owner of HBO and Warner Brothers to fire 800 employees.

Production operations will be consolidated under a single studios and networks group.
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Despite recovery taking place in many countries across the world, the pandemic continues to decimate businesses in the United States, WarnerMedia being one of them.

Earlier today, the company behind Warner Brothers and HBO announced plans for a company-wide restructuring to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

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WarnerMedia will fire more than 800 people, 650 from Warner Brothers, and up to 175 more from HBO. The news was first reported by Variety, citing people familiar with the matter.

HBO Max Streaming Platform News Asia Today
HBO Max streaming platform, a competitor to Netflix.

Moving forward, WarnerMedia’s production operations will be consolidated under a single studios and networks group led by Warner Brothers.

“It’s very important in our future that we go global, that we not only go direct-to-consumer, but we also go global… There’s a fantastic executive named Johannes Larcher who actually has taken both Hulu and other over-the-top services to international locales. And Johannes will be reporting to Andy in that role.”, a company spokesperson mentioned.

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