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Netflix’s Squid Game could have a Season 2, according to director in recent interview

Squid Game has quickly risen to become one of Netflix's most watched shows of all time.
Squid Game season 2 News Asia Today

Squid Game, a newly launched Korean Drama on Netflix, has risen to massive popularity over the past few weeks.

The 9-episode show, which started streaming on Netflix since September 17th, is currently ranked the second most watched Netflix show of all time, tailing just behind Bridgerton.

Not only has the show sparked fan frenzy all over the world, fans are already looking forward to its second season — some even coming up with theories about the show’s backstory.

Squid Game director hints at Season 2

Since its launch, there has not been much news about a possible sequel of the show, up until recently when director Hwang Dong-hyuk hinted at a possible next season.

According to him, Squid Game was not intended to be a multi-season series, and as he mentions in an earlier interview, “didn’t have a clear plan for a second season”.

However in a recent interview with The Times, Hwang Dong-hyuk shared that he has some new ideas for season 2 — largely inspired by fans and feedback from the community.

Many speculate that season 2 will focus around Squid Game’s winner, Gi-hun, who would go back into the game to “seek answers” surrounding the shadow organization behind it.

So when will Squid Game Season 2 be released?

As of now, it is still too early to tell when Squid Game season 2 will be released, as there is still much to be done — scriptwriting, casting, filming, and more.

Assuming it is confirmed, Squid Game season 2 could take at least a year or two from today before it will hit screens.

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