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Netflix’s “Dirty Money” documentary featuring Najib is now available online.

Episode 2 of Dirty Money features ex-prime minister Najib Razak.
Najib Razak Man at the Top Netflix Dirty Money News Asia Today

Season 2 of Dirty Money, the critically acclaimed documentary series from Jigsaw Productions, is now available for viewing on Netflix.

Among the episodes in the second season, one of the episodes, titled “Man at The Top”, covers the intricacies behind the 1MDB scandal – also featuring Malaysia’s ex-prime minister, Najib Razak.

Dirty Money Man at the Top Najib Razak News Asia Today
Episode 2 of the Second Season covers the IMDB scandal involving ex-Malaysian prime minister, Najib Razak.

“An inside look at how billions swindled from a Malaysian Sovereign Wealth fund — known as 1MDB — were used to line the pockets of an international cast of power players, including Hollywood celebrities, Goldman Sachs executives, and the highest members of the Malaysian government. Includes a rare sit-down with former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.”

Keen to find out what ex-PM Najib Razak has to say in the sit-down interview for the documentary? Visit the series’ main page on Netflix here.

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