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More people are paying to join online clubbing events.

This is an entirely new phenomenon.
Online Clubbing Phenomenon News Asia Today

Ever since the retail businesses around the globe have ground to a halt due to nation-wide shut downs, more and more people have started exploring an online alternative.

In the past few weeks, an increasing number of people have been paying real money to enter online clubbing/rave events hosted on streaming platforms such as Zoom, Bigo Live, and Douyin (China).

Recording online clubbing Zouk News Asia Today

DJs and KOLs have also started live streaming their performances by hosting some of these online events, attempting to recreate a similar atmosphere as clubs.

“Online, I feel that everybody is more in their natural state,” said Singapore DJ LeNERD, real name Patrick Lewis.

“When you play for a dance floor with a room full of people, you can feel the energy come back, and I like to DJ off that energy,” the DJ, real name Dhanish Nair, told AFP.

China online clubbing app News Asia Today
In China, people have taken clubbing online on apps.

While people clubbing online aren’t able to buy any drinks, they are still able to buy virtual gifts.

Most of these virtual gifts are sent to their favourite performers as rewards for putting on an entertaining show.

While this whole phenomenon of live streaming and buying virtual gifts isn’t exactly new to the market, it definitely is a new twist to the clubbing scene.

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