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With shops closed, MID Services lets Malaysians get computer repair help on-demand

The go-to place to have computers repaired.
Melanie MID Services News Asia Today

With Malaysia entering its 3rd month of lock-downs, going online has become crucial both for work and social lives. But what if our computers broke down? With most shops closed, it is becoming nearly impossible to find help for computer repairs.

To solve this problem, serial entrepreneur Melanie Loh started MID Services — an online platform that allows Malaysians to easily book technicians who can repair their computers.

Computer repair on-demand

How it works is simple — Users simply visit www.mid.services, and choose the repair services they need.

Upon completing their order + payment, the company will send a dedicated technician to the customer’s place of residence based on their specified time-slot.

In some instances where a customer’s computer can’t be repaired on the spot, the technician will bring it back to company’s service center for further diagnosis and repair.

MID Services Website
The MID Services website, available on both web and mobile.

MID Services was founded during the lock-downs

Founded in 2020, MID started out as a customer support solution for Melanie’s water ionizer business, allowing existing customers to book technicians for their water ionizers/filters and subsequently opened up services to all other types of water dispensers and ionizers.

After running the business for over a year, Melanie noticed that many of her customers also faced difficulties in finding technicians who could fix their computers.

She also realized that the process of repairing computers was very similar to water ionizers, as technicians were required to collect the items, repair them, and have them delivered back to customers.

With shops closed, MID Services lets Malaysians get computer repair help on-demand 31
MID Services’s technicians are able to repair both computer hardware and software.

Becoming the go-to place for electronics repairs

Since their launch, MID has quickly grown to serve customers across Malaysia, and has a growing team of professionally trained (and certified) technicians.

Moving forward, Melanie aims to transform MID Services into a full-fledged electronics repair company, providing repair services beyond just computers and water ionizers.

According to Melanie, MID plans to provide repair services for televisions, radios, home appliances, and even smartphones in the near future.

Interested individuals can easily book a repair service for their computers via the MID Services official website.

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