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Man steals police car to impress girlfriend; gets arrested.

The girlfriend was arrested too.
Malaysian Man Steals Police Car Impress Girlfriend News Asia Today

A Malaysian man and 2 of his friends were arrested today after he stole a police patrol car. The 2 others who were arrested were a lady in her 20s and the man’s brother.

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According to a source, the two brothers aged 28 and 32 fled with the police vehicle, after claiming that they were policemen and had to “check on the dashboard camera” in the vehicle.

The supervisor (a higher rank policeman) only realised the vehicle had been stolen half an hour later when the suspects did not return to the police department and could not be contacted.

Man steals police car to impress girlfriend; gets arrested. 31
The man stole a Police Honda Civic patrol car.

The vehicle was found several hours later, where the police arrested a male suspect and a woman, believed to be his girlfriend, who were in the car.

Police apparently caught hold of the man’s brother first, who led them to where the car was.

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