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Malaysian venture capitalist launches movement to raise funds for medical front-liners.

Businesses gain exposure by supporting the campaign.
Andrew Tan Donation 10,000 Businesses News Asia Today

Malaysian venture capitalist and business coach, Andrew Tan, has launched a campaign aimed at raising funds to support medical front-liners in the country — all while helping businesses gain more exposure online.

Dubbed the #RoadTo100kIn14Days challenge, the campaign is aimed at bringing together 10,000 businesses to contribute a small sum of MYR 10 to raise MYR 100,000 within 14 days — which will all be donated for the purpose of purchasing the necessary medical resources.

As a token of appreciation, businesses will have their brand and services listed on the campaign’s official website (milliondollartraffic.net), which will be promoted to a global audience once it reaches a significant number of participants.

Andrew Tan Donation News Asia Today
Contributing companies will be listed on the campaign website.

According to Andrew, the idea and website was conceptualised in less than 3 hours, upon the announcement of the movement control order (MCO) in Malaysia.

He noticed that many people were making sacrifices for the betterment of the country, and decided to play a part in contributing to it.

“Frontlines are risking their life to keep us safe, so we can stay at home, many have sacrificed and resources are in need, all proceed will goes to donation to buy all the resources”, mentioned Andrew Tan.

As of today, thousands of businesses have participated in the movement. Businesses that wish to contribute can do so via the official website here.

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