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Travelling locally? 5 reasons MHholidays’ new package is great for families.

The national carrier has some compelling deals for families travelling domestically.
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With Malaysia slowly easing up on the movement control order (MCO), domestic travel is now starting to rise as Malaysians from all walks of life seek to take a much needed break with their family and loved ones.

To make travelling more enjoyable for families, Malaysia Airlines has come up with a very special package with MHholidays, made specifically for local travellers.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s the ideal choice for families:

1) Free seat and stay for children (11 years old and below).

Now parents can save a tremendous amount of money when travelling with their children as MHholidays now allows infants/kids between 3 – 11 years of age to travel and also stay for free in hotels.

This tremendous cost savings will now allow parents to spend more on other exciting activities that make the holiday experience so much more affordable and enjoyable.

Travelling locally? 5 reasons MHholidays' new package is great for families. 31
Free seats and stay for children with MHholidays.

2) Additional 40kg baggage allowance.

Baggage space has always been one of the most challenging aspects of a trip to plan for, especially when travelling as a family.

With MHholiday’s special package, families no longer need to worry about that as they are allocated a whopping 40kg in baggage allowance.

This makes the whole trip a lot more stress-free and flexible to their shopping needs too.

Travelling locally? 5 reasons MHholidays' new package is great for families. 32
40kg in baggage space is allocated for travellers now.

3) Free meals, entertainment, and superior comfort on board.

For many budget airlines, food and in-flight entertainment is often not provided, and will usually come at an additional cost.

This would not be a concern when flying with Malaysia’s national carrier as meals, in-flight entertainment, and comfort-kits all come bundled with their whole package with no hidden charges or strings attached.

Add to the fact that seating on Malaysia Airlines’ aircrafts are significantly more spacious compared to the modified seating of many other airlines.

Travelling locally? 5 reasons MHholidays' new package is great for families. 33

4) Free seat selection.

Nothing is worse than being separated from friends and family members while travelling, especially couples with young infants.

With Malaysia Airlines, families are not required to pay any additional charges for seat selection compared to many other airlines.

Families can book and select their seating at their discretion, making the trip so much more convenient and flexible.

Travelling locally? 5 reasons MHholidays' new package is great for families. 34

5) Toys, vouchers, and savings of up to 25% on various stays.

To top off a great holiday experience, MHholidays’ special package bundles many incredible freebies and discounts for travellers. Some of these include:

  • Complimentary snacks
  • Delectable desserts
  • A Pilot Parker (plush toy) for children
  • 25% off various accommodations
  • Many discounts and shopping vouchers
  • and lots more.
Travelling locally? 5 reasons MHholidays' new package is great for families. 35
25% off stays and a huge bundle of discounted shopping deals.

Moving forward, Malaysia Airlines aims to introduce many more incredible deals across the year to make travel more exciting and satisfying to fellow Malaysians.

Will there be something exciting in store from MHholidays once the international borders open? We suspect that there will. But in the meantime, Malaysians can now explore the wonders of their beautiful country with their favorite national carrier.

To find out more or enjoy your MHholidays domestic package, visit the official website here (limited slots available).

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