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Louis Vuitton plans to sell luxury face shields for US $961.

The face shield can be flipped upwards, transforming it into a hat.
Louis Vuitton Luxury Face Shield News Asia Today

With more people wearing masks / face shields these days, it is not surprising that businesses see this as a huge market opportunity to capitalize on.

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Louis Vuitton, one of the leading luxury fashion brands in the world, is planning to turn our everyday personal protective equipment (PPE) into a fashion statement.

The company plans to retail a new luxury face shield for a whopping US $961 starting from October 30th, according to a report from Forbes.

Louis Vuitton Luxury Face Shield Hat News Asia Today
The Louis Vuitton Luxury Face Shield can be transformed into a hat.

The new luxury face shield will be part of the company’s 2021 Cruise collection, featuring an elastic monogrammed strap attached to a shield with gold studs engraved with the LV logo.

The face shield can also be flipped upwards, transforming it into a hat — seemingly fashionable.

Whether this product will garner much response is still yet to be known, but for a price tag of $961, it might only resonate well with a significantly smaller group of people.

Jia Suriyanto
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