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Malaysian Kopitiams to raise prices by as much as RM0.60 from Jan 2022, according to report

Kopitiam prices rising News Asia Today

The price of food and beverages sold at “Kopitiams” (traditional coffeeshops) in Malaysia are expected to rise significantly starting from next year, according to a report by The Malaysian Insight.

Citing rising operating costs, Malaysia Singapore Coffee Shop Proprietors General Association president Wong Teu Hoon mentioned that the price hike could increase anywhere between RM0.20 to RM0.60, depending on the location of the shops.

According to him, coffeeshop owners will not profit much from the price adjustment, as operation costs across the country have risen significantly since the advent of the global pandemic.

“Recently, many things have become more expensive — from condensed milk and evaporated milk needed to make coffee or tea, to the salaries of employees, rent and cooking gas”

While some coffeeshops across the country are hesitant to raise prices due to fears of losing customers, it is expected that a majority of them will eventually do so.

“The price of everything is going up and no one knows what has gone wrong. The situation is really bad”

Joe Ramsay
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