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Real estate group sells over RM149 million in properties during pandemic; launches new brand: Kingsman Realty.

Aims to become Malaysia's most reputable real estate agency
Kingsman Realty Launch News Asia Today

The pandemic has not just softened the real estate market, but also significantly reduced the value of many properties across the globe.

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However despite the setbacks, one Malaysian real estate group has managed to overcome all odds, breaking a record number of sales within a single month.

The group, which has since been rebranded as Kingsman Realty, transacted over RM149 million in property value across 363 properties just for the month of July.

Kingsman Realty Team News Asia Today
The Kingsman Realty team.

The founder, Terrence Tan, comes from humble beginnings. He mentions that it was no ordinary feat to go through the pandemic lock-downs, adding that it was thanks to the team’s extraordinary commitment that led to the group to continue growing during the turbulent times.

Moving forward, Kingsman Realty aims to expand their real estate services to more parts of Malaysia, and to impact the lives of more young adults who are seeking to make a living in the post-pandemic era.

To stay updated on the latest projects and news by Kingsman Realty, visit the official Facebook page here.

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