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The Keluang Man of Malaysia will get his own action film

Astro Shaw is teaming with Iconic Animation Studio on a live-action adaptation of the iconic superhero
The Keluang Man of Malaysia will get his own action film 31

Keluang Man was first seen in an animated series that aired from 1998 to 2005 and lasted seven seasons and 142 episodes.

He’s named after a local fruit bat called Keluang, and he’s a spoof of DC Comics’ Batman. The character is a real mental patient, however, unlike Moon Knight, this was played more for comedic purposes.

Raja Jastina Raja Arshad, head of Astro Shaw and vice president of Malay Nusantara business, said it is an honour for Astro Shaw to be trusted and given the chance to cooperate with Iconic Animation Studio in bringing this renowned animation work to the big screen.

We believe the Keluang Man brand is well-known in the local animation and arts industries, and that it has a dedicated following of fans who grew up watching the animated series. We believe that this announcement will excite fans and demonstrate that the local animation industry has the potential to grow even more.

Raja Jastina Arshad, head of Astro Shaw.

Meanwhile, Iconic Animation Studio Director Muhammad Firdaus Omar stated that seeing Keluang Man on the big screen is a dream come true.

The Keluang Man of Malaysia will get his own action film 32
The team that will bring Keluang Man to the silver screen. 

The live-action film’s production will start soon, and the production team will reveal the cinema release date later.

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