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Joyous Kiddy introduces checklist for parents to understand their children better.

Due to lock-downs, many parents are worried about their children's education and development.
Joyous Kiddy Checklist News Asia Today

With the pandemic disrupting schools, many parents have been worried about their children’s education and growth.

One company is on a mission to help parents understand their children’s development better, through a very unique approach.

Joyous Kiddy, an education company from Malaysia, has launched a specialized checklist for parents to quickly assess the development of their child’s learning progress.

Children participating at the Joyous Kiddy centre News Asia Today

The checklist, which is accessible via the company’s official website, is a simple online test that allows parents to quickly evaluate and keep track of their child’s growth and developmental progress.

The checklist helps parents understand whether their child’s developmental state is “normal” or “requires attention”, allowing them to intervene and seek professional advise early on.

Some of the domain/areas that are included in checklist for assessment include their child’s:

  • Cognitive development
  • Language and communication development
  • Physical development
  • Social and emotional development 
The Joyous Kiddy Team News Asia Today
The Joyous Kiddy Team.

Founded in 2015, Joyous Kiddy has grown from a single retail outlet in Johor to multiple branches across Malaysia — providing comprehensive child education programs for students, parents, and teachers.

Ian Khoo, founder of of Joyous Kiddy believes that the secret recipe of parenting is in understanding their child’s development early on.

“By quickly understanding a child’s developmental progress, parents can seek help from professionals if the child shows warning signs”, he mentions.

Joyous Kiddy learning centre News Asia Today
A Joyous Kiddy learning centre in Malaysia.

Moving forward, Joyous Kiddy aims to build a regional community to empower parents in transforming many children’s lives. 

The company is seeking for professional educators to be a part of the community to provide professional parenting knowledge to both the company and public.

For a limited time only, Joyous Kiddy is offering a free children’s developmental checklist (worth RM 99) for parents via the official website here.

Jia Suriyanto
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