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Japan’s Prime Minister resigns over worsening health

Ending his tenure as the country's longest serving PM
Japan's Prime Minister resigns over worsening health 31

Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister announced on Friday that he has decided to step down due to health reasons, ending his tenure as the country’s longest serving PM.

He had suffered a relapse of his chronic illness, ulcerative colitis, and 2 recent visits to hospital causing him losing much of his energy and strength.

Abe said his health started declining around the middle of last month, and he did not want it to impact on important policy decisions. 

It was the second time Abe resigned as prime minister because of poor health in 2007. He had since kept his illness in check with medicine that was not previously available.

“I apologise from the bottom of my heart that despite all of the support from the Japanese people, I am leaving the post with one full year left in my term and in the midst of various policies and coronavirus,” said Shinzo Abe

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