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Japan’s “miracle” Umaibo snack is seeing its first price hike in decades

The snack has seen a price increase of 2 yen
Japan's "miracle" Umaibo snack is seeing its first price hike in decades 31
Several flavours of 'Umaibo', a popular Japanese corn snack, are displayed at a confectionery wholesaler's in Tokyo, Japan January 25, 2022. Picture taken January 25, 2022. REUTERS/Akira Tomoshige

The price hike of famous Japanese corn snack, Umaibo definitely has been surprising to many.

According to a reputable source, Tokyo-based Yaokin Corp will raise the price of the famous corn puff from 10 yen to 12 yen in April because of the growing costs.

This is the first price increment of the snack, which is dubbed as “sweet stick”, since its establishment from 1979.

This event serves as a reminder that Japan is not immune to increasing commodity and transportation costs, despite facing decades of deflation.

“I was taken aback as Umaibo has been the same price for such a long time that a 2% increase is considerable,” 59-year-old housewife Noriko Eda commented.

Umaibo comes in 15 flavours and has been a hit among its fans due to its variety of flavours with the most popular flavour, the creamy corn soup.

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