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Japanese snowboarder Yoshika injured during training at Beijing Winter Games

She was carried away in an ambulance and the extent of her injury was still being assessed
Japanese snowboarder Yoshika injured during training at Beijing Winter Games 31
2022 Beijing Olympics - Snowboard - Men's and Women's Slopestyle Training - Genting Snow Park, Zhangjiakou, China - February 3, 2022. Rina Yoshika of Japan after falling during training REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

Japan-based snowboarder Rina Yoshika had a major fall during training on the slopestyle course at the Genting Snow Park on Thursday.

Yoshika suffered the injury due to crash-landing from one of the jumps.

It took approximately 20 minutes for Yoshika, wearing a training bib which represented number 24, to be carried off the course on a stretcher.

According to a spokesman for the Japan Olympic Committee, the 22-year-old was carried to the hospital away in an ambulance, and the extent of her injuries was still unknown.

The Beijing Olympics, which will open on Friday, are situated in one of China’s driest regions, and the sports are almost entirely dependent on artificial snow.

Jamie Anderson, a two-time Olympic champion, revealed her concerns regarding the slopestyle course and its artificially constructed surface, which she termed as “bulletproof ice,” on Wednesday.

The women’s snowboard slopestyle competition is will begin with qualifying on Saturday.

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