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Japanese startup Debucari lets customers rent “fat people”

In Japan, Debucari lets customers rent fat people of 100 kilograms or more.
Japanese startup Debucari lets customers rent "fat people" 31

A Japanese startup firm, Debucari, has just ventured into a very unusual industry — allowing people to to rent a “fat” person.

The brand name ‘Debucari’ originates from the word debu, which means “fat“, and kariru which means “to rent“.

Debucari’s Story and Founder, Mr. Bliss

Debucari was founded by Mr. Bliss, a businessman from Japan who also runs an established clothing brand called ‘Quizilla’.

Unfortunately while running his other business, Mr. Bliss was unable to find “fat people” to promote his products, and began hiring them to his team.

As plus-sized people rarely exist in Japan, he realized he could actually allow other businesses to hire them by the hour from him — this was the birth of Debucari.

Japanese startup Debucari lets customers rent "fat people" 34
Debucari lets customers rent fat people.

Debucari is for fat people of over 100 Kg

Debucari’s weight threshold for “fat people” is 100 kilograms (220 pounds), and presently has over-125 and over-150 kg classes too.

The company states that their goal is to promote “progression away from an era where being fat had a negative image”, asserting that “in Japan, it takes skill to reach a weight of over 100 kilograms”.

That being said, the organization has received a mixed response from the public, with some finding it “very peculiar”.

Debucari is used for photo shooting and TV commercials

The purposes of renting are mainly for commercial clients, where they provide plus-sized models and extras for photo shoots and TV/movie filming.

The company is also looking for “debu” people to register with them on their official website.

Jia Suriyanto
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