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Japan cancels Sakura festivals; over 1000 confirmed cases now.

This may affect the Olympics too.
Japan cancels sakura festival News Asia Today

Cherry blossom (Sakura) festivals across Japan have been cancelled as the covid-19 outbreak worsens across the country.

The traditional spring celebrations in Tokyo and Osaka which attract millions of people yearly will not go ahead as planned in April.

The Japanese government has also been actively informing people to avoid participating in “hanami” parties in an effort to prevent the speed of the outbreak.

People wearing masks everywhere in Japan News Asia Today
People are wearing masks everywhere in Japan now.

As of today, over 1000 infected cases have been confirmed in the country, with the number increasing rapidly in Hokkaido.

Last week, the governor of the northern prefecture declared a state of emergency, shutting down schools in Hokkaido.

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