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This marketing firm helps businesses drive at least RM1 million in sales online; applications now open

The Revenue Catalyst Program by iPrima Media Group will support 8 eligible companies in growing their sales by at least RM1 million within a 12-month period.
Shaun iPrima Media News Asia Today

A new initiative to help businesses significantly increase their revenues by tapping into the digital world is now open for applications.

The initiative, also known as the Revenue Catalyst Program, is a program by iPrima Media Group that aims to support growing companies with growing their sales turnover by at least RM1 million within a 12 month period.

About the Revenue Catalyst Program

  • The Revenue Catalyst Program by iPrima Media Group will focus on supporting companies drive at least RM1 million in sales turnover within a 12-months period.
  • The program is open to a maximum of 8 eligible companies that have a yearly sales turnover of at least RM250,000.
  • During the program, iPrima Media Group’s leadership team will work closely with companies to drive high quality customer leads, boost their digital presence, and streamline operations to hit higher sales targets.

Why It Matters

  • Since their inception back in 2012, iPrima Media Group has helped over 1,000 SMEs drive collectively more than RM280 million in additional revenues for their businesses via their digital presence.
  • iPrima Media Group today consists of more than 20 news/media outlets, with a combined reach of over 10 million people every month.
  • Eligible companies in the program will also be able to tap on iPrima Media Group’s wide pool of resources ranging from lead generation, sales, online marketing, technology development, and more.

Companies keen on participating in the program can apply via the following online form.

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