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India’s daily cases highest in history; exponentially overtaking US.

The highest previously was the US.
India highest daily cases News Asia Today

India’s daily COVID-19 cases continue to rise at an exponential rate.

As of 7th Aug, India reported the highest number of cases in a single day at 63,538 people, surpassing United States, currently averaging at over 50,000 daily cases.

Infections have been spreading rapidly across the country, heavily hitting smaller towns and rural areas. Most of these poorer areas lack proper hygiene and sanitization, with many of its people living in close quarters.

People in India crowding News Asia Today
Lack of protective equipment and social distancing are causing the spread of the virus.

With lock-downs taking place, businesses across the country have taken a major hit, affecting the livelihoods of many. This in turn has forced people to take up jobs that put them in high-risk areas that could compromise their health and safety, worsening the spread.

To make things worse, health workers across the country embarked on a 2-day strike from Friday, rallying for higher wages and proper protective equipment.

“At least 100 health workers have died of Covid-19 in the country so far, but there has been no insurance provided to them by the government,” said A. R, Sindhu secretary of the Centre of Trade Unions.

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