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Huawei maintains its dominance within the 5G market

Huawei is dominating the 5G infrastructure market, despite sanctions in the west
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Huawei is dominating the 5G infrastructure market, despite sanctions in the west. The fifth-generation network is poised to be the ideal implementation medium for artificial intelligence, virtual technology and many other technological advancements in the horizon.

In response, the US has considered setting up a new 5G standard. The founder of the Huawei Ren Zhengfei has maintained said that doing so would only be adding to the confusion, thereby limiting the market’s development. It is worth noting that US government and Huawei have not been on good terms in recent times.

The US previously stepped in and barred Huawei from participating in auctions for government contracts and has also set specific sanctions to ensure that Huawei does not get their hands on trade secrets, industry advancements as well as technological advantages to end up spying on behalf of the Chinese government during the year 2014. Under the Trump administration, the tension has escalated as Huawei is being added to the Entity List, in which Huawei is restricted from the purchase of essential parts and other components and may only purchase such items with the federal approval from the government.

In an early 2018 hearing, Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI had voiced his concern on the capabilities of Huawei’s technology to gather intelligence. He also noted that Huawei’s integrated technologies can be altered and modified to provide the Chinese government with the capacity to conduct undetected reconnaissance on the US.

Huawei dominated 5G standards

 Huawei has vehemently denied these allegations and is pressing ahead with their plans and activities in other countries. They are actively expanding the the 5G capabilities, and building more strategic ties with the governments of other countries. These actions show that they are doubling down and increasing their dominance in the race for creating the 5G standard.

As Huawei is the supplier of the world’s most prominent 5G networking technology, they remain confident in their offering as they are still the sole participant for the expansion of the 5G standards in other countries.

In light of Huawei’s progress, the US remains unmoved on its stance to not involve itself in matching the movement’s made by Huawei, despite the threat that it will leave them trailing in progression. As the US has not invited Huawei to participate in the implementation of the 5G standard in its country, it is instead applying pressure on Apple to launch an appliance with 5G standard of their very own. Their hope is to have two different standards of 5G out in the market to choose from.

The founder of the Huawei –Ren Zhengfei has maintained that the US is capable of producing its own 5G standard as it is a well-equipped technological powerhouse. Still, he opposed the US plans of having a separate 5G standard . He went on to explain that having two separate standards would split the market and dampen future progress within the evolution of 5G capabilities.

Rajitha Reddy
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