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Tokyo’s Hotel New Shohei is letting people stay for free, in exchange for a small favor.

A rare and brilliant move for a Japanese company.
Hotel New Shohei News Asia Today free of charge

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Staying in hotels aren’t cheap in Tokyo, except for this one place.

Hotel New Shohei, a hotel just a few minutes walk from Tokyo Yotsuya Station, is now letting people stay there absolutely free-of-charge. The hotel is even offering free beer and sashimi to their guests.

However there is a catch — In order to stay for free, guests have to do one thing: They have to mention they stayed at the hotel by posting a picture on any of their social media accounts. And that’s all.

Hotel New Shohei Bedroom.
Hotel New Shohei Bedroom.

Due to the global pandemic, many hotels have seen a significant drop in business from falling travellers, Hotel New Shohei being one of them.

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On some days, the hotel has no guests at all. This led to the management deciding to open up the hotel for free stays, in exchange for some marketing and branding — a brilliant and very unconventional move for a Japanese company.

Hotel New Shohei Guest Area News Asia Today
Hotel New Shohei Guest Area News Asia Today

In fact, guests who stay for free will get the full experience, where they’ll be staying in the same guestrooms that the hotel ordinarily charges for.

Guests staying for free even get access to the hotel’s guest lounge which has free coffee, juice and alcoholic beverages such as beer / wine.

Free beverages are even provided News Asia Today
Free beverages are even provided.

The hotel is also currently throwing in a complimentary plate of aji (mackerel) sashimi, sliced fresh upon request.

Free mackerel is even provided for guests News Asia Today
Free mackerel is even provided for guests.

The free stay plan is available on Monday-Friday nights for solo travellers. Travellers coming in pairs can request for free rooms individually.

Guests wishing to take advantage of the offer are asked to mention “Shukuhaku muryo kyanpen moushikomi kibou” (“I’d like to request the free room plan”) when making their reservation, with the equivalent Japanese text for email correspondence being 宿泊無料キャンペーンへ申込み希望.

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