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Hong Kong cases surge; dining-out banned.

The ban will take effect from Wednesday, 29th July.
Hong Kong cases surge dining out banned News Asia Today

A third wave of the pandemic has hit Hong Kong, and the situation is getting worse.

As of last week, the number of new cases in Hong Kong surpassed 3 figures for 4 consecutive days, averaging at over 110 people daily.

This is a significant rise from the week before, where the numbers reported were only 2 digits.

The government has also banned dining out, which will kick in effective Wednesday (29th July).

Hong Kong dining out banned
Hong Kong dining out banned effective Wednesday.

Health experts have blamed the resurgence of new cases on a raft of loopholes that exempted thousands of travellers and sea/air crew from being tested and quarantined.

At the rate the numbers are climbing, there is a possibility the country may enter another state of lock-downs.

Hong Kong’s total number of confirmed cases stands at 2633 people today.

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