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3 ways Malaysians can lend a helping hand to flood victims in Malaysia

Join the season of giving by helping flood victims in Malaysia
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It has been considered a norm for Malaysians to face the monsoon season at the end of the year throughout the history.

However, a spin-off cyclone from the Violent Typhoon, which typhoon is a rare case during winter period in the region, has caused heavy rain downpours stretching several days.

Besides, Malaysia has always been labeled as a disaster-free region, the nation is now unprepared for such circumstances. It has caused flooding and landslides occurring across several states such as Selangor and Pahang.

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Aerial shot showing damages caused by flooding in Shah Alam’s Taman Sri Muda, Malaysia, December 21, 2021. REUTERS/Ebrahim Harris

Here are some ways people can help flood victims in Malaysia :

  1. Donation
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@thehopebranch.my on Instagram

Donations should not be restricted in monetary terms. Basic necessities such as face mask, clothing and dry foods are encouraged. Other donation drives are as included :
@imaret_my on Instagram
@humanaid.my on Instagram

2. Volunteering

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@syedsaddiq on Instagram

Volunteers are much needed now as the activities are labor intensive such as food preparation and rescue missions. Hundreds of volunteers in the country have been joining these initiatives.

3. Sharing via social media

Other than joining in as a volunteer and making donation, the minimal effort to help out is by sharing through social media. It can be news regarding the condition of the flood, donation drives that are hosted or even this article as it would help spread awareness to numerous people that would be willing to help out.

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