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Woman places pet hamster on train’s priority seat; gets into fight with old man.

He tried to hurt her precious hamster.
Woman places pet hamster on train's priority seat; gets into fight with old man. 31

An elderly man got into a physical fight with a woman on a commuter train in Taipei, after the woman refused to move her hamster cage occupying the priority seat.

It all started out after a young woman boarded the train, placing her hamster in a cage on a priority seat.

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An elderly man, who wanted the seat, was infuriated with the young woman’s selfish demeanour, and wanted to set things straight.

Woman places pet hamster on train's priority seat; gets into fight with old man. 32
The elderly man started shouting at the woman.

The elderly man, angrily, started confronting the woman saying, “Did your pet buy a ticket?”

In response, the woman said “You’re crazy” and told him to “stop meddling”. An argument broke out, with the old man raising his voice to the woman, insulting her and calling her “crazy.”

Things escalated quickly when the man tried to seize the hamster’s cage, which she immediately grabbed him to protect her precious pet. A scuffle broke out, with the woman repeatedly hurling punches at the elderly man.

Fortunately, one male bystander quickly intervened and separated the two, while others were shouting in protest.

The scene was recorded by a bystander.

The whole scene was recorded and eventually uploaded on Facebook, going viral in Taiwan.

According to the person who uploaded the video, the woman left the scene in tears, while the man shouted for the railway police to deal with the situation.

Jia Suriyanto
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